Here you can find a selection of plots and movies relating to the simulation suite.

Dark Matter Density Projections




The intensity corresponds to the logarithm of the dark matter density squared.

Lagrangian Volumes

Tracing the particles within 4-5x the virial radius back to z = 127, we find a variety of morphologies across the Caterpillar halos. The particles are color coded by distance to the host halo at z = 0 (blue particles are close, red particles are far).

Improved Halo Finding

We have modified the Rockstar halo finding algorithm to carry out iterative unbinding on our subhalos which allows us to recover many halos with maximum circular velocities greater than 30 km/s in the inner regions of our host halos which has quantitative implications for the too big to fail problem. The dashed halos circled below are three of these recovered halos.