Caterpillar Project The Caterpillar project is an on-going series of state-of-the-art cosmological simulations focusing on halos similar in mass to that of our own Milky Way. The full Caterpillar catalogue consists of 70 dark matter halos at a particle resolution of \({\rm \sim10^4\ M_\odot}\) making it the largest and highest resolution simulation suite in the world to date. These data are enabling us to statistically probe the formation history and evolution of all galaxies of similar size to the Milky Way, including the Milky Way itself!

This website presents the Caterpillar collaboration's key scientific motivations, current progress and media relating to the Caterpillar project.

If you would like more details, please see our flagship paper on ADS.

We are in the process of making this data public. Stay tuned!

If you are intereted in using the Caterpillar data please contact us!
12/16/16: Caterpillar member, Greg Dooley successfully defended his PhD!
07/1-5/16: Brendan Griffen, Alex Ji and Anna Frebel will attending the First Stars V in Heidelberg, Germany.
10/1-3/15: Brendan Griffen will attending the Third Annual GMT Community Meeting in Monterey, California.
07/24-31/15: Brendan Griffen will be visiting the MPA in Garching, Germany.
07/20-24/15: Brendan Griffen will be attending the Stellar Streams in the Local Universe conference at Ringberg Castle, Germany.
06/15-19/15: Brendan Griffen will visiting the Institute For Theoretical Astrophysics (ITA) in Heidelberg, Germany.
06/15-19/15: Brendan Griffen will be attending the First Stars, Galaxies and Black Holes conference in Gronigen, Netherlands.
06/1-4/15: Collaboration members Brendan, Alex, Brian and Facundo are heading the Local Group Astrostatistics conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
05/28/15: Website is now live!